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Stained Glass Carousel

Two horses cut, ground and partially foiled.

Two Charles Carmel horses foiled with decorative wire trim.
They are ready to be pinned and soldered.

The internal framework of the carousel.

Closeup of a "Merhorse" or Hippocampus--is a combination of a horse and a fish . It was designed from an Original in a private collection created between 1900-1905. They are very rare and and fewer than 5 by each carver exist.

Another Closeup---note the wire loop detail. This horse is designed to represent the work of Charles Carmel who was noted for his tassled Arabians. The original was created in 1911 and is in Forest Park, Ft. Worth, Texas.

More Closeups--The white horse to the left is patterned after a Looff horse created in 1912, currently on the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk, Santa Cruz, CA.

The black horse was patterned after a Muller design. He was known for his realistic poses and for positioning the eyes to look back at the rider. The original horse was created in 1917 and resides at Cedar Point, Sandusky, Ohio.

Three dimensional Stained Glass Lighted Carousel with Music Box.

This Carousel was designed by Jackie Nichols and adapted from her book "A Carousel Ride" It measures 20" in diameter with most of the horses being approximately 6"; and was completed in 1994 after 4 months of daily work with $500.00 worth of stained glass, gems, bevels and brass.

Photographs copyright Kelly Lynn Smith

1998 A Pane in the Glass--A Soldered Little Division of Angels Unawares