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The Making of a Mermaid--Page 2

Michelle (mee-shell)

Walk along the water's edge, see with the eye of your imagination and listen with your heart. . . You just may catch a glimpse of a glistening tail or hear the gentle voice of the siren calling to you. . .

And here is the torso, ready for assembly.

Now, on to the tail.

Due to the size of this mermaid and the movement that I wanted to create in the tail, I chose not to use porcelain for this part. After much debate, I decided upon LaDoll--a wonderfully smooth air dry clay.

As you can see from the photo, it is quite thick in places and dried beautifully. This is just the basic underlayment, and the top "skin" of the tail still must be added and the bottom of the tail and fin sculpted.

Here is the torso seated into the tail.

Michelle with her lovely wig. The beautiful mohair is from

The World of Mohair. Click HERE to see the lake applet of Michelle.

Applying the final skin to the tail. Each scale is individually sculpted and applied. I have begun to color the fin with pastel chalks and have applied a mother of pearl sealer.

Detail of the scales, underside of the fin with resin foam and drips. The lovely shells were a gift for Michelle from Marilyn Radzat. Thanks Marilyn :)

Detail of the scales, topside of the tail. Please check back often to see the progress of Michelle.

All Images and Design January 14, 1999 Angels Unawares

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